The Best of Pokhara: Adventure, Fun, Friends and Movies

Pokhara! A home from home. Backpackers paradise. Whether you desire fun packed adventure or some down time, this is the place for you!
After reviewing Pokhara's Hostels, Food and Yoga, it seemed only right to share the adventurous side of Nepal's best kept city (I've thrown a best kept secret in the mix too!)...


By far the best adrenalin fuelled activity in Pokhara! For $85 (£56) it is also one of the most expensive but totally worth it for those views!

Top Tip: Try get on first flight of the day, around 10am. This is usually when the sky is at its clearest for the best view of the Annapurna Range. We had a race against the weather which resulted in a spontaneous decsion to go for it, missing the early flight. Keep an eye on those weather reports! 

There are loads of adventure opportunities in Pokhara like Rafting, Horse Riding, Trekking and much more!

Rent a bike

Found parked up along Lakeside there are a number of locals renting out mountain bikes, get one with with great suspension - your bum will thank you for it! You can haggle the price down to 500NRPs per day (£3), although you may have to 'walk away' and 'go somewhere else' for the owner to agree ;)

This is the best way to explore the city and easiest way to get around the lake, through the smaller villages and right to the top where the river meets Lake Phewa.

Yummy rice snack on wheels!

We found a sowing school!

Buddhist Stupa and Secret Waterfall 

By far my favourite day in Pokhara. We left at 9am to catch a boat across to the other side of the lake to then embark on a 40 minute walk up the mountain to the Stupa.

Top Tip: The more the merrier! If you can organise a big group it will be cheaper for you to cross the lake. We paid 100NRPs (60p) each for two boats with a total of 9 people.

Crackin' view

We were told by another traveller that there was a 'secret waterfall' not too far from the Stupa. Not many tourists know about this place so I was even more determined to find it! 

Top Tip: Get yourself a hotel/hostel map and locate the Power House. Don't forget to ask the locals along the way, the maps are pretty rubbish unless you have a proper one!

A Nepalese board game all bets are on!

3KM walk later, past the Devi Falls and Mahendra Cave (typical tourist spots), we made it to the waterfall!

Steepest steps in the world

Just us and the locals :)

Evening Entertainment: Movie Garden 

Hidden away like an untouched gem, the Movie Garden is the best way to spend an evening! We were there every other night! 

Fully equip with a stocked bar and a pizza menu, there is not much more you can ask for!

Movies during our time in Pokhara:
What We Do in the Shadows
Sleepy Hollow
Into the Wild 
Kill Bill - Double Bill! 
Love Actually

Each entry cost 290NRPs (£1.80) and pizza ranged from 250-600NRPs (£2.50-£3.70). Dinner and a movie by candlelight, bliss.

Looking for a great backpackers hostel? You can find where I stayed and what it was like here. 

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  1. I'd love to try out paragliding one day. It looks so awesome!
    Lovely pictures!

    1. You should its so much fun! Thank you :)