Hostels, Food and Yoga: Pokhara Review

Nepali hospitality is some of the best I have ever come across, the food is scrumptious and the Yoga practice is varied and exceeds expectations. I just had to write a review!...

Where should I sleep?

Kiwi Backpackers Hostel that's where! 

For me, a hostel is about finding like-minded people to spark a conversation with and to have a comfortable, clean place to get some beauty sleep. Kiwi goes above and beyond that and here is why...

Every morning, breakfast was served in the communal area, all inclusive of the 500NRPs per night (£3). It was different every day and always really tasty. One morning we were served fried bread with banana and syrup, drool!

The best thing was that breakfast became a hub of conversation and activity planning with fellow backpackers. Some days The Boss would have planned mountain biking or something super cultural and we would be off out somewhere within the hour. 

There was a rooftop and a below deck chill space with hammocks and a dart board. Day times were spent reading books or sunbathing and evenings we huddled around the tables playing cards and drinking. The atmosphere at Kiwi is exactly how it should be, it's the people that make it what it is.

Dorms were cheap, basic and safe. You could also be upgraded to a private room for a little extra comfort. 

The Boss had a pretty good record of judging character and if anyone caused any problems like too much noise or someone being a complete arsehole then they would be out the next day - no messing around. This is a place for peaceful, happy people.

This place made my Pokhara experience a very easy and relaxed one. The staff were particularly memorable and the vibes unforgettable. Thanks Kiwi, you rock :)

Where should I fill ma belly?


When I was told I should stay away from salads in Asia I was a little heartbroken, I looove salads and organic fresh food. When I stumbled upon this place I felt like I had struck gold! And they had salad on the menu. I risked it and I'm still alive, hurray! Then I just kept coming back for more!

The fresh juice and smoothies were made in a Vitamix Blender, the best in the world for keeping all the healthy enzymes in the fruit and veg active.

For the chocolate fiends, the homemade cakes and biscuits are exquisite on the ol' taste buds. I'm salivating at the thought!

Take me back to am/pm!


At the opposite end of the Lakeside strip to Kiwi Hostel, Alchemy stands out with its affordable, delicious food.

I was drawn in by the 'Today's Special' on the board; Poached Egg with Avocado and Bacon on toast. It was divine and only cost me 450NRPs (£2.80).

However, both Alchemy and am/pm are up market compared to some places on Lakeside.

We found two great restaurants with local food and local prices not too far from the hostel. A typical meal including drinks would be 300NRPs on average (£1.80). Ask around for Kebab King and the Tibetan Marketplace Pema, if you want cheap cheap cheap that's not too hard to find.

Where to Yoga?

There are an abundance of places to practice Yoga, many of which are suitable for all levels and every style imaginable. I tried and tested a few Yoga spaces like Nepali Yoga Centre and Ganden Yiga Chozin Buddhist Centre both of which were inviting, rewarding and affordable.

However the place that comes in first is the wonderful Jiva Space. Also a cafe, spa and massage centre, Jiva offers a range of styles and teachers throughout the day.

I took an early morning class with an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher who created a very spiritual and connective space for her students to practice. She chanted OM and explained the meaning behind such words. She physically pushed her students into stretches to demonstrate how far one can reach.

I came out of her class feeling confident and energised with a new lease of life!

The space itself was clean and cool, you could just tell when you walked in you were in the company of welcoming people.

The 1 hour and 50 minute class cost a total of 700NRPs (£4.40) whereas the others cost 400NRPs (£2.50) but for half of the time. You really get your moneys worth at Jiva.

Get a sneak peek at chapter 2: The Best of Pokhara: Adventure, Fun, Friends and Movies for more adventure.

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