Global Love Letters: Nepal

A few weeks before I embarked on my adventure, I attended a Spiritual and Well-being Festival in Birmingham. I stumbled across a non-profit organisation that promotes the wonders of Global Love Letters. The idea, simple and profound, is a random act of kindness spreading unconditional love across the globe.

"Light bulb" as Gru would say. I am going to write a letter for every (currently planned) country I will visit on my travels and spread that love even further.

Thanks to Google Translate and my sharpies, I was in business.

I thought it best for the letters to be simple and easy to understand. Google Translate is notoriously known for its dodgey language conversion (I learnt this the hard way at school!) so the words chosen were basic but full of love :)

I chose to leave the first Global Love Letter in the Lakeside park opposite my hostel in Pokhara, Nepal. I often saw couples meet to sit and chat or locals wander over to the 'bandstand' with their families. One evening, I could see someone sitting alone deep in thought. It seemed like the perfect place to leave a message of love.

Next up the colourful, beautiful and crazy India!

Where shall I place the next Global Love Letter?

Thanks for reading,
peace and love

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  1. this is amazing thanks for sharing the love!
    and so happy you found us at Birmingham! <3