Leaving Home

Home. It's such a lovely, well rounded word. For me, home is the beautiful UK. I am as lucky as a lepricorn to live in such an enchanting country. The monster lakes of Scotland to the rolling hills of Yorkshire. Quaint seaside villages to powerful cathedreals, filling up our big skies...

Leaving home for me has never been easy and it's not just because of the beautiful countryside. Leaving my friends and family will be the hardest thing, they are the glue that holds me together.
I couldn't be more excited to start a new adventure and I know I am about to embark on an unforgettable, life changing journey but I wish I could take everyone I love with me.

I am the goof-ball on the left!

A select few fave memories!

Alexander Supertramp once learnt: 'Happiness is only real when shared' and I plan on sharing every moment. Whether thats with The Boyf, my dad in Nepal, or with the world through my pictures, I am taking you all with me.


It's time to dust off my sh*itkickers and get started!

peace and love
Megaventurous x

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  1. This is such a heartwarming post! Your photos are just beautiful! Glad my face made it into your favourite memories :D can't wait to read about Nepal! Much love xx

    1. Thank you my darling :) Of course your face made it! New post coming soon xxx